Vans will launch a collection inspired by the art of Vincent Van Gogh


Art now becomes fashion. The clothing and tennis brand Vans fused the best of art in its new collection inspired by the work of the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, one of the great representatives of post-impressionism and whose paintings have been immortalized by becoming icons of popular culture.

In life, the artist created more than 2 thousand works, from paintings to his famous self-portraits, which to this day are admired by art critics and a large number of enthusiasts of Van Gogh's legacy. Recall that most of his work is collected in the museum of the same name in the city of Amsterdam, where it was recently announced that the artist's work can be viewed online, since it is mostly digitized.

But the museum went a step further and wants everyone to have a bit of their art in daily life, so he collaborated with Vans to create an edition where Van Gogh's art can, from now on, dress from head to toe.

Caps, jackets, t-shirts and, of course, tennis, include prints of the most representative paintings by Van Gogh, from almond cherry trees to their famous sunflowers, always with details that make the collection more interesting, including subtle brushstrokes in the texture of tennis, for example, as if it were a work of art. Each of them also includes an information card with the history of painting.

Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection will be available from August 3 through the company's website A part of the cost of the product will be used for the conservation of the works exhibited in the Amsterdam museum.

Basic fashion lesson: how to properly use a polo shirt

The polo shirt is a garment that definitely can not miss in the wardrobe of any lover of good style. Its flexibility and ability to adapt to almost any look make this garment one of the most useful that will undoubtedly solve your life on more than one occasion.

Although many believe that wearing a polo does not require more attention and care than wearing a shirt, in reality this is absolutely false, since knowing how to use the article correctly is a task of precision that separates the connoisseur from the novice.

To help you get the most out of your poles, we share these tips so you know how to use it correctly and take your style to another level.

Be careful with the fit

To make you look amazing in a pole it is important that you know the measures that it must have to adapt to your body in a correct way. Make sure that the sleeves are exactly in the middle of the biceps, not higher or lower. As a second point, do not let the length of this far exceed the line of your pants, consider that you should only have a 5-7 centimeters difference.

Take care of the layers

One of the strengths of the poles is that they can be used as a basis for different garments, however it is important that you keep your combinations simple and not too contrasting to always have an elegant and composed look. Try to combine small elements of your polo with the rest of your garments to not look uncoordinated.

Experiment with colors

Do not be afraid to use polo shirts with more striking and vibrant colors as long as you do not abuse them. When you use more lively poles try the rest of your clothes are simple and have uniform colors and harmonics to the tone of the polo so that they mix simply and achieve a neater look.

Use the correct pole for every occasion

As mentioned earlier, the polo is an extremely flexible garment, so it is important that you choose the one that best suits the style you are trying to achieve. For more informal looks you can try more striking designs or uniform tones that can go well with more casual items such as shorts or espadrilles. In case you look for a more formal attire try to use thicker, clear and highlighted textiles.

In case you require it, tuck your polo is an option that should not be censored. By doing so you will have a slightly more formal look that can work wonders for different occasions.

Do not wear a raised collar

Finally, the essential golden rule: do not use the collar of your raised pole, this will only ruin your sophisticated and distinguished appearance.

Melania breaks her own fashion rules but still causes sensation in Europe

If the first lady is used to something, Melania Trump is that where she goes, she becomes a trend for her good taste and fashion sense.

However it is very rare that Melania Trump, an inveterate lover of stilettos, is seen wearing a pair of flat shoes.

After all, the First Lady has had a profuse love affair for a long time for high heels, stilettos mainly from her favorite designer Christian Louboutin.

Only in the last week during her husband's presidential tour of Europe did Melania make use of her fashion manual and use six pairs of stilettos.

But this Sunday at the airport in Helsinki in Finland, Melania broke its own protocol of fashion and unlike her usual way airport which is high heels the First Lady chose another pair of shoes completely flat, that if other Louboutins.

Immediately Melania's outfit and shoes became a trend in the networks again emphasizing the best that Trump's wife has, which according to many is his good fashion sense.

Along with her brown flat shoes, Melania wore complementary tailored leather pants and a gray coat accented with pockets and buttons in a similar brown shade. She also wore a white blouse with a crisp collar, oversized sunglasses and a brown bag.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in one of the official residences of Finnish President Sauli Niinistö in Helsinki, the Presidential Palace nineteenth century, near the Market Square in the capital .

Kate Middleton revived the headdress that Anne Boleyn put in fashion

The royal christening of Prince Louis of Cambridge was held on Monday. Hundreds of people gathered outside the church of St. Mary Magdalene to be part of this important event of British royals.

For its part, Kate Middleton dazzled with a look worthy of a future queen. The Duchess wore a tailored white dress by designer Alexander McQueen, who designed her acclaimed wedding dress in 2011 and the look she also wore at the baptisms of Charlotte and George.

But what caught our attention was the accessory in his head designed by Jane Taylor. The piece reminded us of the classic French headdress implemented by Anne Boleyn in the English court during the sixteenth century.

Anne Boleyn had been brought up in the French court so when she arrived in England (her home country) she imported the fashion gala, which became popular exponentially.

The French hood is a headdress similar to the Russian kokoshnik, however they are not related. It is a kind of headband with a lot of volume which is placed on the front of the head but always leaving hair exposed at the front.

On this occasion, the duchess's headdress had flowers on the side, something unusual for this type of accessory. However, this could be a renovation of the old ornament.

What is clear to us is that, like Anne Boleyn in her time, Kate Middleton is an English fashion guru and we will undoubtedly be seeing this French headdress more often in the official events of royalty.

Proposals by Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe follows the trend of the previous collections and pays tribute to the classic garments of the traditional male wardrobe, reinterpreting codes, colors and textures. The house declares war on the bag and proposes a wide variety of fanny packs and backpacks inspired by those worn by the military. The focus of attention is on the vests of pockets, cargo vests, very similar to those worn by paratroopers.