Yamamoto deconstructs his clothes in a romantic collection

Yohji Yamamoto plays to deconstruct the garments without leaving the dictates of the traditional masculine tailoring, modernizing and updating classic garments, like the jacket or the vest. A certain romantic air goes through the whole proposal and plays with the details, like the decorative zippers, and puts the accent on the contrasts of textures and colors. The duo of black and fuchsia is fascinating.

The lines are fluid, the silhouettes are generous and the patterns are very striking. Yamamoto decorates her clothes with women in a sensual attitude, texts in Japanese, flowers and a bold leopard skin.

Dries Van Noten pays homage to Verner Panton

The bright colors and seventies motifs of Danish designer and architect Verner Panton are the starting point of the Dries Van Noten collection that has been associated with the artist's family who died in 1998. Some garments seem to travel from the past, especially that are stamped with those undulating motifs, almost hypnotic, that seem to meander through the fabric. Motifs that decorate oversize coats, retro suits, T-shirts and even swimsuits. A nod to the iconic Danish textiles and its famous Panton chair.

Dries Van Noten utiliza nylon con efecto lacado. AFP
La bandera de tejidos sorprende por su prestancia y riqueza de matices. El belga utiliza mucho el nylon técnico de efecto lacado y lo tiñe de potentes negros, azules, verdes y arenas. La mezcla de texturas en brillo y mate resulta fascinante.

De nuevo un trabajo excelente, un equilibro casi perfecto entre la creatividad y lo comercial. Dris Van Noten ha sido además noticia porque recientemente ha vendido la mayor parte de su firma, creada en 1986, al grupo español Puig que controla además etiquetas como Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci y Jean Paul Gaultier, entre otras.

Absolute success of Virgil Abloh in his debut at the Louis Vuitton house

The expectation was maximum. The catwalk hung the sign of absolute and in the first row sat women and men as influential as Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the man they all looked at. West has been a key player in the takeoff of Virgil Abloh who refers to him as his mentor. Abloh was West's artistic advisor and together they sketched what is today one of the most important firms in the Off-White fashion world.

Abloh presented his collection for Off-White in Paris on Wednesday but now plays in the first division debuting on the catwalk as creative director of the Louis Vuitton house, founded in 1854, which is synonymous with luxury.

The parade has several readings but perhaps the most relevant is the message that the designer wants to launch: making diversity a social trend. That's why the models that jumped to the catwalk were of different races and cultures. Another of his messages has more to do with his personal life. "Everything is possible, you can do it too", says Abloh in his social networks to launch the world a song of hope and make people believe that dreams must be pursued because, sometimes, they are fulfilled; come where you come from, wherever you are.

The parade began with radiant white garments, a tone that stood out especially on black boys. Winks to hip-hop are downgraded and elegant and even the rappers' gold chains are dyed white to achieve a total immaculate look. Quilted fencing style jackets, plush-touch jackets, cargo pants and vests with several pockets, transparent t-shirts.

The patterns play to stick to the body or to hide it completely, always in an urban style, looking for the comfort and versatility of the garments that have the power to work at any time of the day. The protocols are over, there are no clothes for the day, afternoon or night. Now there are pieces that, depending on how and with what you put them, acquire a different style or another. Almost all the parades seen so far have several things in common, but above all the attachment to traditional garments that are now 'sold' with novel fabrics and author's details stands out.

Little by little, the color palette grows in intensity and richness. We see clothes in camel, sometimes mixed with others in acid yellow, green, powerful red roses. Regarding the patterns, the use of Tie-dye (very present in the catwalks) is noteworthy, but above all the image of Dorothy, protagonist of The Wizard of Oz, sleeping on a flower bed is striking. Abloh does not seem to want to wake up from the dream he is living. (Curiously, today marks the 49th anniversary of the death of Judy Garland)

Louis Vuitton writes a new page in its history with the first collection of Virgil Abloh. The designer, at the end of the parade, melted into an emotional embrace with Kanye West. Both cried with happiness.

Look sexy

Dear friend, take note of these tips that will assure you a sexier look and you will look radiant:

* Wrap your silhouette in purple, lilac, lavender, green, red, orange, beige, yellow, pink and sky blue. Silver gray and black make you look mighty sexy.

* The main fabrics that you can use are wool, lace, silk muslin, satin, selected pictures and feline prints.
* Use a tube type lack that gives freshness to your look. It is worn below the knee. Combine it with blouses with bows tucked inside and blouse sets with sweater. Or else, masculine cut trousers, which are worn with blouses and very fitted jackets.

* As for footwear you can use: rounded tips, thick heel and ankle. For the day, the most comfortable thing is to wear low dancers. At night, your best friend of the heels.

* You can also wear the neck blouses, which are versatile, comfortable and practical. They are tight and with a dash of imagination combine easily and fight the coldest days. And the perfect complement are fitted jackets or tight knit sweaters.

* And of course do not forget the bag that is the star complement of women. For the day, it is better to opt for a large one with daring colors and details. At night, choose a small handbag with embroidered flowers or vintage drawings.