Wall Street Journal stirs up the "Skinny Debate"

Looks like everyone has seen the article in WSJ about the good ol' "skinny debate" by now. This time le scandale has surrounded the 17-year old Teen Vogue sensation Ali Michael who "got fat" (gained 5 pounds) and as a result was disqualified from walking the Paris shows by some cruel French fashion designers.

Ali: Before and After
Ali is on her way back to Texas right now but don't be upset, Ali, you really don't look any "fatter" than this nice lady shot by S. Meisel for Italian Vogue!

Balenciaga A/W 2008

Wow what a strange feeling - waking up to a sight of pointy-toe shoes... it's like 1990's all over again!

we still have a load of these somewhere in the back of the closet..

Would you wear an in-your-face YSL logo?

Possibly, but only below 14th street and if we knew for sure we'd be photographed by the Cobrasnake that day.

Cory Kennedy, do you hear me now?

What happens in Milan stays in Milan

It is no secret that fashion designers constantly borrow and steal each other's ideas but in Milan it all seems to have finally come a full-circle... It just occurred to us that Prada's shaggy coats from last year somehow ended up on this season's Dolce & Gabbana babushkas:

And Dolce's bedroom lace from Fall 07 is now the story with Miuccia's entire Winter 2008:

We just want to smack them both with that babushka purse now.

Sasha and the Sea

It's a mystery really: girl's flat as a flounder, has world's stumpiest legs and yet looks absolutely blockbuster on the beach. In fact we've been wanting to live out the esoteric beach babe fantasy ever since we saw Sasha a year ago -- in piled on Chanel, Marni and Vuitton (we love Karl Templer). Here we have Sasha in March 08 Vogue Paris in style of none other than the 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms (what an excuse to wear all things pink!). But aside from pink, doesn't our Russian look amazing?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look at what my boyfriend Barney's Warehouse gave me today ... Balenciaga jacket in size 36... Elegant, dontcha think?

Who's Crazy for Genevieve Jones?

We so are--we want to bring her home. At a first glance Genevieve might strike you as yet another "nobody with a publicist" (age: unknown, occupation: interior decorator--sound familiar?) but if you look closer Miss Jones is working some seriously inspired style: sassy and feminine with just a hint of femme fatale, always showing off those pilates-perfect arms and legs (imagine the time and the effort that goes into those). And she's slick enough to let her makeup take at least 10 years off her real age. 

Now there's a woman to aspire to, kids.

Sophia Bush wears $317,088 in diamonds to the Herve Leger show

We love the Jacobs & Co press releases -- short, sweet and to the point.

Sophia Bush's jewels at the Herve Leger fashion show:

· Diamond Pave Drop Earrings: $270, 288
· Rose Gold Pink Pave Diamond Bangle: $20, 400
· White Gold Pave Diamond Bangle: $20,400
· White Gold Pave Diamond Full Band: $6,000

Total $317,088

# # #

Jacob & Co., a luxury watch and diamond jewelry house, and partner of DeBeers sightholder DD Manufacturing is renowned in music, entertainment and sports circles and among celebrated social figures