Death Metal meets Couture Floral Nymph

Between Ugly Betty, Lucy Liu on Cashmere Mafia, The Devil Wears Prada reruns on HBO and the Sarah Jessica Parker stills from the new Sex and the City movie popping up everywhere we feel completely surrounded by Patricia Field and her wacky-brilliant outfits. Does this woman ever run out of ideas? Or props? I mean,seriously, where the hell did she find this coat? Had to have seen it before somewhere...

Jessica Stam Drowning in D&G

Opulent florals continue to thrill for Spring 2008 (while cats o' nine tails definitely don't...)


Jackson Pollock style for Spring 08

One shirt's YSL, the other's Topshop but at this rate you can probably go DIY with some acrylic paint, a random white shirt and magic mushrooms. 

Suvi Looking Flawless in Organza


Posh's fierceness knows no bounds

No one else comes close! Except Bryanboy who pretty much invented the whole "skinny bitch in designer shopping bag" shtick. 

Sometimes Heimstone dress is all you need

We don't know about you but, save for the Barney's Warehouse sale next month, we here at F.A.D. are starting to look for things to wear in the spring... true fashion victims that we are. And it appears that we already found a perfect dress! (It's one of these six for sure) It's so "Summer in the City" we'd go out to Brooklyn to try it. 

Gemma & Lily Bring Bedroom to Your Room

When in doubt wink and pout or put models in lingerie on the cover! Seriously, I haven't seen so much boudoir lace and garters since-I don't even know-the last time I was at Agent Provocateur... Lily and Gemma look hot, no doubt, which brings up a more pressing issue: did they photoshop some meat onto Lily Donaldson's rib cage or she finally ate something?

Party dressing report: Sequin overdose

If you can still look at sequins and not feel nausea after all the holiday parties last month you're a better person than me... (I've gifted all my nice sequined frocks to my teenage Ukrainian cousins and even they frowned on them. Thankless brats). Who really shined at the holiday party circuit this year? Gorgeous creatures in body-hugging Herve Leger dresses (They can look really chic on if you have a smaller chest and not the Posh Spice style knockers). Also charming were the ladies in less revealing, but still festive fringed flapper frocks--kind of like this one from Lanvin Summer 08. Mon Dieu! Eez zees a new trend?!?

Being famous is too easy

That's why our new favorite is the mysterious New York street artist Bast (Cooler than Banksy, newer than Basquiat) No one knows what Bast looks like - he coyly insists on hiding his identity. But what really counts is how amazing his work looks on a whitewashed exposed brick loft wall... Hot hot.