A Foreign Affair

Forget La Esquina and Da Silvano, the chicest (and arguably the hardest to crash) fashion haunt is now Consulat général de France. Spotted at the visa section today were Serbian beauty Ana Mihajlovich and her exceptionally lithe model friend of Ukrainian nationality. Eastern European greyhounds were applying for Shengen visas in connection with the upcoming fashion weeks. Dressed in de rigeur skinny jeans & cashmere cardigans the beautiful mannequins carried a laquered boxy Chanel and a YSL downtown muse respectively. Later, however, the girls were missing from the passport pick-up line. Mon Dieu! Did they not get the visa?! French consul, he is très très strict!

Stuck at the border: Ana Mihajlovich

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Here's everyone's favorite "behind the scenes" video of the original Lamsweerde & Matadin's Chloe photoshoot from shopvogue.tv

Now tell me it doesn't look exactly like the H&M billboards they've hung on every block here in NYC...All those sets, the styling, the bouncing, the frolicking - all that work - and H&M has the nerve badly rip it off! They even cast the same Anja and Freja! (cheap set and bad hair, of course) The entire thing is so Canal Street we don't even want to talk about it..

What we'd really like to see is the "behind the scenes" video from Steven Take-Off-Your-Speedos Klein for Dolce & Gabbana photoshoot. Now that would be classic, dear shopvogue.tv

You will read the new Elle and you will like it

We never read American Elle. It just wasn't good: fashion direction was poor and photography was uninspired. Same tired old Gilles Bensimon over and over and over again. Nausiating. But with this September issue the new team and their man in charge Mr. Joe Zee (creative director) get a six star, two thumbs up and a high-five from us. Photography reminds of Italian Vogue (it's too close to Meisel's at times but still in good taste) and the interview with Karl Lagerfeld is BEYOND and a must-read.

Even the Lindsey Lohan bit isn't totally horrible. All in all A+ .... Beats September Vogue and Bazaar - that's for SURE.

A/W 1992 Versace collection

What throws us is how festively plump everyone looks compared to Oksana Onopka's of today. Helena Christensen however is absolutely divine.