Sartorial sense of Chloe Sevigny

It's anything but predictable: who knew a vivid orange mini-dress, pink allegator clutch, satin heels and gold would go so good together?


Life Lesson #1: No one needs to see "the real" you

Is there anything more embarrassing in this world than pics of you at 17, with fat arms and in the company of your English mum? Yikes. Burn your fat pics, girls, BURN' EM!

Agyness Deyn, aka Laura Hollins, the chips shop girl from Lancashire

Important public service announcements

Fashion maverick Helmut Lang's got an art project showing during NY Magnum Festival second week of June. Dying to see that one.

Also, "1960s Butterfly Girl", an art film by Susan Cianciolo is screening on June 8, 7PM, 21 Mercer Street. Susan is a fashion designer.

In other news, tapered jeans look is over. Notorious fashion victim Sienna Miller sure thinks it's passé.