Head-to-toe camel

It's a big new trend (not to be confused with a camel toe). Here it is seen on my favorite three girls - Lara, Irina and Milla

Miu Miu



Meisel's got nothing on me

Webcam pics are our territory anyway...

Nom De Guerre hoodie, American Apparel bikini top

Yet another mindless consumption post

Silk Dries Van Noten dress - Jewel tones are the new grey.

Azzedine Alaia sandals - For that high-maintenance trophy bitch look

Topshop Fluro Space Invader t-shirt - Tech-y, futuristic and cheap

Comme Des Garsons striped t-shirt - For that Fellini heroine look

Bracelets from Forever 21 - I tell everyone they're Chanel

D&G bikini - lose the stupid cherry thing and it'll pass for Martin Margiela

Chloe platforms - Zara's made knock-offs for $90. Guess which ones I like better?

Designer members only jacket. Must-have.

Jil Sander flats. Perfect

Forever 21 grey sweater vest. So Kate Moss!

The best spring fashion book around. By far.

"It" bags are for hausfraus

It's the tourist bags that are super hot right now. So, if you're heading out to some irreverent location this spring/summer - you know what to look out for, right?

Jet Set style: Egypt plastic bag, Wings Miami tote