Stay Crazy, London

When Marc by Marc show with its Hollywood hangers-on crashed London fashion week last Friday we were worried sick about Gareth Pugh - the maddest designer in entire United Kingdom (and that is no easy feat). What if Marc's loud publicity apparatus overshadows our young deranged genius? But, guess what, it didn't. Some shows are just exciting on their own and not because of Selma Blair's new haircut. That's all.

Coco in Gareth Pugh coat from Spring collection / "Sensory Overload" by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue. (Merci Frostfrench!!)

Decisions Decisions

Which color satin miniskirt do we want more: red, black or purple? Hmmmm.

Suvi in Prada for V magazine


THIS IS DEAD SERIOUS. Mao, an original Andy Warhol print in gold frame was taken Tuesday night from Frameworks shop on 3 Great Jones street (btw Broadway & Lafayette) by a 5'7'' blond woman 25-30 years old who called herself Stephanie. The owner of the print offers a VERY GENEROUS REWARD for anyone who leads to the recovery of the artwork. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It's a real heartbreak for the owner and will appreciate any help in locating the missing print!

Look at who we have here... Santino and what's-her-name from America's Next Top Model!

Am I seeing cleavage? Tyra must be so proud. Take a word of advice from a professional, honey, cover yourself up. Want some x?

Horny teens on webcams! Click click click!

Steven Meisel confirms our life-long conviction that fashion photographers deep inside (sometimes not so deep) really wish they could be pornographers.
January 2007 issue of Vogue Italia features "horny teens" Sasha, Coco, Jessica, Hilary and Agyness pretending to get it on in front of webcams while wearing the latest Balenciaga. (You won't be seeing that on PornoTube....)

Marc makes shit collection, gets away with it

Don't be fooled, Marc Jacobs show is a bomb. And this entire "intentionally boring" slant is a total sham. Isn't it obvious that he simply blanked out of ideas, logged on and hurriedly copied YSL and Miu Miu from last season? Turtlenecks and pencil skirts? What are we now 55?! And, please, stop trying to pass it off to his "weight loss" or "need for pause". If that's the case, we like our Marc Jacobs fat. End of story.

Kate Moss now officially tourist territory

Kate Moss by Corinne Day photographs are at the British National Portrait Gallery - hanging right up there with the Beatles, Elizabeth II and Henry VIII. "This montage of the nine faces of Moss, who has just turned 33, was commissioned by the gallery to be the centrepiece of its new crowd-pulling exhibition, Face of Fashion, opening on February 15." This is what we call making a grand exit. Watch and learn, Lily, Jessica and Freja.

Heroin chicette. Moss. Photos by Corinne Day

Radar Magazine keeping us occupied

Did we tell you that models are crawling the streets of Manhattan right now???
They are.