Steven Klein does it again (NSFW)

The new Dolce & Gabbana ed.... it's sick how good it is. Too good for a magazine almost.

Dolce Vita | Steven Klein | W Feb 2007 ... to be continued ... brace yourselves, looks like the bush is back

Dakota Fanning thing now officially jumps the shark

Tom Ford, GAP, Karl Lagerfeld and now Marc Jacobs? Why is everyone so obsessed with this evil tiny freak?!

On the up side - you can feed her Reeses peanut butter cups and her body mass index will still be 16. And you have to want to strangle little bitch just for that.

Lily Cole goes under water for charity

Being socially conscious is so glamorous right now.
Famous models may not single-handedly save Darfur, eradicate unethical diamond mining or stop global warming - but dipping in the pool they can do beautifully.

The most benevolent model of the moment, however, is Liya Kebede. She's got her own brand-name charity and a part in this great movie called The Good Shepherd where she dies a terrible death of the hands of the CIA. We loved it.

Is that a breastplate or you're just happy to see me?

Body armor is apparently the chicest thing right now - everyone is doing it. We're not even showing up at the tents unless we source a harness somewhere. And that leaves us only one day! (OMG) Apart from that, our outfits are coordinated to the state of fine art and our body mass index is downright illegal in Madrid. So, we're ready - let the Games begin!

Dolce & Gabbana on Numero Feb 07 (left), V Mag ed by David Sims (right) -

Who are you looking forward to? Narciso and Francisco? Marc? Peter Som and Philip Lim? Doo Ri? The intrigue is unbearable, isn't it?

Attack of the satin turbans!

If you're ever in the mood to dress up and pretend you're Marlene Dietrich satin headgear is where it's at. But if old Hollywood glamour is not your game just throw on a backpack and your look is instantly updated to Sasha - Spring/Summer 2007. (Thank Mz. Prada for this one)

Are you convinced yet?

Teen Vogue brings us back to life

After seeing this Teen Vogue ed we officially declare Sporty Chic our favorite trend for Spring! Something inside us just wants to scream "YES" to Dries windbreakers, Kim Jones track pants and Norma Kamali sweatshirts.
What a breath of fresh air from all the overpowering retro frills everywhere!! Acidic yellow, electric blue - so exciting!

We're still on the fence about backpacks tho. There's just something inescapably touristo about them. But we promise to reconsider if we see it on Mary-Kate Olsen. *Just kidding*

We can't even remember the last time we liked anything DKNY, but anoraks are decidedly Donna Karan territory. It's her time again.

You absolutely must get the February Teen Vogue. If not for fashion, than for our favorite Russian lesbian on the cover.

Find 6 disparities

We'll help you:
1) Carine Roitfeld - Anna Wintour
2) Lanvin mini dress - Random v-neck sweater
3) Doutzen avec Gaspard - Bridget Jones-woman with what looks like a rabbit coming out of her ass ...

*And don't even mention words Beatrix Potter or we'll explode.